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Young people pray for the city at province-wide youth rally

Publish Date: 25-Sep-2019

Students and most citizens in Hong Kong are still sailing through a tempestuous time. In response to the current situation, representatives of youth ministries from the three dioceses of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui and the missionary area of Macau joined forces to organize a youth event on 31 August at All Saints Cathedral. Over 150 young people from churches in the province attended. They prayed for the city, sang hymns and participated in Bishop Andrew Chan’s sharing session.

Bishop Chan believed that recent conflicts are a clash between two core values. One pursues stability and survival while the other perseveres for ideals and meaning. This is not a matter of right and wrong, he said. If people are trapped into dualism thinking that one is right and the others are wrong, Bishop Chan continued, then the whole city would be caught in endless battles of offence and counter-offence, which would eventually wear down both sides. It would also dim the brilliance of the Pearl of the Orient, he added.

Bishop Chan pointed out that if we recognize each other as citizens of heaven, we would no longer spend all efforts to silence people with different political opinions but seek to conduct dialogues with them and embark on the path of forgiveness and reconciliation. By correcting our wrongs we can avoid repeating this tragedy. This is a feasible option, he said and is a mission that people need to fulfil.

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