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HKSKH Ming Hua Theological College

MING HUA is the theological college of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, the Province of Hong Kong and Macau in the Anglican Communion.

The College has been serving the Church for more than sixty-five years, beginning life as an institution dedicated to supporting the education of poor and under-privileged members of Hong Kong’s lay Chinese communities.

Today we honour this tradition, renewing our commitment to work for the training and education of all members of God’s Church in Hong Kong and Macau, and thereby articulating the vision of our Archbishop and bishops as well as the values and beliefs of the entire Catholic and Apostolic Church.


Ming Hua seeks to fulfill this mission by:

  • Providing theological education opportunities for all members of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui;
  • Educating men and women to serve as ordained and lay leaders of the Church and the communities of which the Church is a part;
  • Enabling people to learn how to be faithful servants of God’s Kingdom, as wise pastors and teachers, powerful preachers, and able presiders over the liturgical life of their congregations;
  • Fostering the life of prayer among all the people of the HKSKH, and teaching the rich spiritual resources of Anglican Christianity to the People of God;
  • Interpreting the Anglican traditions of the Christian faith in ways appropriate for the context of Hong Kong, Macau and China;
  • Renewing the many liturgical resources inherited from past generations of Anglicans in Hong Kong and Macau and elsewhere, while encouraging the development of new worship through innovative liturgy and music;
  • Participating in dialogue, conversation and education programmes with Anglicans around the world, so that the special experiences of Hong Kong Anglicans may play their rightful part in shaping a broader and deeper future for the Anglican tradition;
  • Strengthening ties with all our Christian neighbours, both ecumenically within Hong Kong and with the Christians of the People’s Republic of China through the Three-Self-Patriotic Movement and the China Christian Council;
  • Joining with people of other religious traditions to pursue common spiritual values of tradition peace, justice and harmony;
  • Seeking justice and peace for the whole creation by teaching our students to speak as advocates for the voiceless, respond to the physical and spiritual needs of the poor, and emphasize our care and stewardship of the creation and its creatures.

In these ways Ming Hua seeks to revisit its original mission, established by Bishop R O Hall and renewed today by Archbishop Paul Kwong: to be the open, inclusive, generous but challenging College of every member of the People of God in Hong Kong and Macau.

Ming Hua is your College. Please visit, use our website to find out what’s happening, take our courses and, above all, look to us to support your own thoughtful reflection upon your Christian belief and practice: