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HKSKH School Education Policy Paper

I. Introduction

The Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui School Education Policy Paper was resolved at the 5th General Synod in June 2010. This document declares once more the Mission in Education of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (HKSKH) and her Pastoral Care at Anglican schools in Hong Kong.

The Standing Committee has established the Steering Committee of Education to co-ordinate and organize work related to the implementation of targets set in the HKSKH School Education Policy Paper.

II. Mission Statement in Education

The Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui’s Mission in Education is to promote the ethos of Christian whole-person education which can be best summarized in the Book of Proverbs Chapter 22 Verse 6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” In so doing HKSKH schools are sharing God’s love and the Gospel with teachers, staff, students and their families, and helping students to set goals in their lives with meaning and purpose basing upon Christian values and the Anglican traditions.

III. Objectives and Vision in Education

To establish and operate efficiently, strategically located Anglican schools that offer quality education which are financially accessible to local communities, and to evangelize the Gospel of Jesus Christ to students, staff, parents and the community at large.

IV. Core Values in Education

1. Encouragement of students’ spiritual awareness, inquiry and an informed response to the teaching of Christ.

2. The teaching of a biblically based programme of Christian studies as an integral part of the school curriculum.

3. The incorporation of Christian values and the development of personal ethics.

4. The promotion of a culture of active service for others to put in practice the teaching of the Christian faith.

5. The provision of a high standard of purposeful pastoral care for all students.

6. A strong focus on learning for life and intellectual rigour.

7. The provision of a safe, orderly and disciplined environment for learning and growth.

8. The development of a broad curriculum that values the arts and sciences, physical fitness, personal development and health, technology and the environment.

9. The provision of opportunities for the development of talents in students.

10. The provision of support for students with special needs.

11. A regard for academic excellence and a commitment to the progressive attainment of high academic standards.

12. An affirmation of and respect for the integrity of the individual.

13. An emphasis on personal responsibility and respect for others.

14. The development of a sense of social justice.

15. The promotion of culture in which staff undertake continuous learning through professional development.

V. Implementation of Education Policy

1. HKSKH (Anglican) Schools

  i) To accept the HKSKH's Mission Statement in Education and the core values; and to fulfill her objectives and vision willingly.
  ii) To regard themselves as essential partners of the parish/mission church, and through collaboration, to encourage a way of living in line with a Christian community in the Anglican tradition. Schools should strive to become centres of faith for students, former students, parents, staff and lay collaborators.

2. Parish/Mission Church

To recognize and regard the Anglican schools in the vicinity as integral parts of the parish/mission church. As such the parish/mission church shall endeavor to include in its missions the work to coordinate and cooperate with the schools in its vicinity evangelic activities.

3. Others

  i) All HKSKH (Anglican) dioceses, relevant standing commissions, working groups, and relevant bodies are responsible for the implementation of education policy stated in the HKSKH School Education Policy Paper.
  ii) School Chaplains to provide a professional, assuring and spiritual presence in the school.
  iii) Encouraging HKSKH (Anglican) members in pursuing a career in teaching, and teaching at an Anglican school.
  iv) Training of church members in serving in education including serving as school managers.

VI. Duty of the Steering Committee

1. To co-ordinate the implementation of the HKSKH School Education Policy Paper.

2. To monitor the implementation by the various bodies.

3. To provide adequate support to schools and churches.

4. To report back to the resumed session of the General Synod.

VII. Work Plan for the Implementation

1. To formulate the Religious Education Policy.

2. To provide religious education resources for schools.

3. To prepare resource materials according to church calendar.

4. To offer induction course for newly appointed teachers every new school year, helping them understand the mission in education of HKSKH (Anglican).

5. To arrange Christian School Administrators courses for school council members, middle managers, and religious education teachers.

6. To establish fellowships for school religious education panel heads and teachers.

7. To develop a database for sharing of religious education teaching materials.

8. To enhance schools, churches and welfare centres partnership.

9. To develop mature church-school partners into pilot scheme.

10. To set up a recruitment data bank.


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