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A heart filled with hatred brings no justice and love

Publish Date: 20-Aug-2019

The Revd Vincent Chan contributed the first piece to the new Blessing Hong Kong column, which is to bring mental and spiritual comfort to readers.

Fr Chan noted that Hong Kong people are suffering. People of different ages in the society have been disturbed by the recent events. Some have fallen out with their families because of different political views, while some need psychological and emotion therapy. He said that if the situation continues, all will be suffering, including those in power and politicians, who have to pay for their political debts, the injured policemen and citizens, and women and children.

When everybody is inundated by information, video clips and news reports, we could be trapped under mass pressure. To avoid being labeled “impractical”, “traitor”, “not qualified to be a Hong Konger”, or “selfish”, we are coerced to read and forward every piece of information sent to us. Through browsing and forwarding, we try to prove that we are part of the movement and we care about its development.

Fr Chan reiterated that he is not opposing to get information. Quite the opposite, he encourages people to read and listen to comprehensive reports. However, he asked, have we taken care of ourselves and been thoughtful to others during the process? Have we given ourselves the space and time to quiet down, to think, and to digest the information before we respond?

Fr Chan stressed that we do not need to avoid or be deaf to recent events. Yet if we take inspiration from Jesus, who retired to hills and prayed after a busy day, we learn that we need quietness and moments to be with God. Perhaps we need to tend to our physical and mental needs, and quiet our souls through activities and hobbies. We need to return to God and quiet our hearts before we can discern.

Fr Chan did not propose a way out of the difficult situation but is hopeful that people could still help themselves and others to keep their spirits healthy and pave way for sincere dialogue.


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