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The Anglican Communion

The Anglican Communion is a global family - an international association of Anglican churches with each Province functioning as an autonomous, metropolitical entity. There are presently 42 provinces in the world spread over 160 countries and embracing over 80 million Anglican Christians.


Throughout the worldwide Anglican Communion, there is no central government. Anglican churches from all around the world uphold and proclaim one common faith, upon which this global fellowship is built.

The basic front-line unit of the Church is the "parish". Parishes in close geographical proximity are grouped together to form a "diocese" led by a diocesan bishop. Dioceses sharing similar cultural and national backgrounds may unite and form a "province" under the leadership and metropolitical authority of an archbishop or presiding bishop and participate in the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Four "Instruments of Communion" unite all Anglican churches of the world. They comprise:

(1) The Archbishop of Canterbury
  who is regarded as the spiritual leader.
(2) The Anglican Consultative Council (ACC)
  It meets once every two or three years.
(3) The Lambeth Conference
  A conference of Anglican bishops from around the globe held once every ten years; and
(4) Primates Meeting
  A gathering of Provincial leaders held from time to time at the instigation of the Archbishop of Canterbury.


For further information, please visit the Anglican Communion official website at: