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Daily life at HKSKH Nursing Homes at time of strife

Publish Date: 27-Aug-2019

In the past two months, conflicts and division surrounding the withdrawn proposed Fugitive Offenders Ordinance caused pain and anxiety among citizens. The protest movement no longer followed the traditional model where demonstrations and marches were planned and centred at Hong Kong Island, the heart of the city’s governance and business, but have spread out into all districts in unexpected uncooperative actions.

As clashes and traffic blocks increase, maintaining service standards at nursing homes became a challenge.

Some of the measures HKSKH Welfare Council took include providing relaxing activities and individual counselling. Staff also organized a Monday Blessing session where they used the centralized broadcasting system to play recitations of inspirational texts and hymns. Posters featuring blessing messages were also put up to give encouragement and help the elderly and nursing home staff to relieve their emotional stress.

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