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School principal encourages educators

Publish Date: 04-Sep-2019

Hong Kong was mired in summer of political upheaval. With the holidays coming to an end and the school term starting, representatives of school principals and parents contributed to this week’s Blessing Hong Kong Column and encouraged educators and families.

Mr Tam Sin-ming, principal of Chu Oi Primary School, met a young teacher at church, who appeared to be in low-spirits. The teacher lamented upon the current situation, saying that “I want to rediscover my original determination of committing my life to education because I now feel like being the blind leading the blind. If I lose faith and hope in our future, how could I teach and accompany my students to grow on the path of righteousness.”

Mr Tam said that he could find words to respond, apart from saying “Don’t lose heart! Be hopeful and faithful!”

Reflecting upon the meeting, he asked: “Can the blind lead the blind?” When we raise our eyes to the hill to look upon God and run toward the heavens with perseverance, we will one day discover that between black and white, there is a rainbow of colours, in addition to grey.

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