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Statement from the Steering Committee on Education

Publish Date: 04-Sep-2019

A very important ethos of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui’s education ministry is to “help students explore the meaning of life and its goals from the perspective of Christian values and Anglican tradition” We uphold our faith that Christ is the king of peace and he loves and cares for all, therefore we understand and respect the stances and voices of people on various social issues.

However, we are opposed to all forms of violence. Violence is often the source of hatred and we must not allow it to cloud our rationality. Furthermore, we must guide our students to take into consideration of all views in discussions. Most importantly, we have to nurture an attitude in learning that is open and not confrontational, and a willingness to listen and hold dialogue with others. We also have to guide students to act peacefully, rationally, respectfully, tolerantly and develop mutual trust and communication in schools because these are the most important elements in resolving issues.

We have to build a stable and safe learning environment so that the students in our associated schools can enjoy a stable and healthy campus. Boycotting classes is not an appropriate way to express demands and we do not encourage it. Regarding the list of schools participating in boycotting classes carried on the internet, we have to clarify that none of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui schools is taking part in it.

Steering Committee on Education

28 August 2019

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