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Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui welcomes new teachers and principals

Publish Date: 04-Sep-2019

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui held an orientation for teachers and principals new to the Church’s schools on 24 August at St Andrew’s Church’s Life Centre. Approximately 480 principals and teachers attended to learn about the province and her education ethos.

The orientation started with morning prayers followed by a sermon by the Revd Vincent Chan. After the service, Archbishop Paul Kwong, Bishop Andrew Chan, and Bishop Timothy Kwok gave welcome speeches. The Revd Kenneth Lau, assistant provincial secretary-general of the province, gave an introduction on Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui while Bishop Andrew Chan, chairman of Anglican Primary Schools Council Limited, talked about the province’s education ethos.

When talking about the current political climate’s impact on education, Bishop Chan said holistic education means when students misbehave, teachers need to ask “what” as well as “why” and understand the root of the problem in providing counselling. Educators need to help students cultivate moral, intellectual, physical fitness, social, aesthetic, and spiritual development so they can rebuild a healthy mentality.

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