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Social work column

Publish Date: 10-Sep-2019

Social workers who operate the emotion support service hotline were busy in the past few months. At first, there were only a few calls from time to time, but now the phones ring non-stop. Beside clients from Hong Kong, the social workers received calls from Japan, Australia and the USA. This shows how the movement affects people as it heats up. As the demand for emotion support increases social workers need to equip themselves to face various challenges.

The hotline supports the clients emotionally and helps them mend family as well as interpersonal relationships. Social workers also need to tackle matters that involve legal and medical help, and suicide prevention. They are helping clients build their own support network, access social resources and services, and help them identify their needs before providing them with appropriate services. The social workers are thankful for the hotline for allowing them to walk with the citizens of Hong Kong at the time of difficulties and challenges in society together.

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