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How to distinguish false news from genuine news

Publish Date: 19-Sep-2019

The withdrawn Fugitive Extradition Bill has caused a deepening rift in the society of Hong Kong. Views are polarized and both sides use social media to push images, texts and videos in a bid to undermine the other camp. As a result, all sorts of exaggerations and misinformation overflow on the internet. People who are unaware of the ulterior motive behind the information might be fooled to treat fake news as genuine news.

With disinformation abound, people might not know how to tell fake from fact when they receive images, texts and videos. People have to learn not to let their political view cloud their judgment. By spending a little time to compare information from different sources and attempt to find conflicting news reports people can save themselves from being fooled by fabricated news. Aside from that, people should not immediately forward the information received from their social media accounts. By spending more time looking into the sources, people can easily identify the truth from the fabricated.

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