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Between facts and opinions

Publish Date: 19-Sep-2019

We often mistake opinions as facts and vice-versa and forget about the difference between the two. In the post-truth era, people of different stances frequently shape their opinions into facts, thus it is important for people to check their facts and learn to distinguish between the two.

People have the freedom to choose what information to accept and what to reject. Many have found opinions, which they approved of, and turned them into facts by participating in realizing them into actions. We should respect the choices of others, if such freedom does not harm others. Yet, we should also respect those who would like to maintain their neutrality and an objective attitude. Keeping a distance to judge the difference between fact and opinion is for us to know the gap between opinion and fact so that we can reflect with rationality to discover the relationship between ourselves, our faith and our mission at the time of chaos.

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