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HKSKH Elderly Centre maintains service for the elderly during city-wide strike

Publish Date: 09-Oct-2019

Wong Tai Sin is one of the districts with the highest proportion of the elderly population in Hong Kong. The daily needs of many elderly and invalid people depend on the support and services of welfare organizations in the district. The recent upheavals caused by the announced-to-be withdrawn extradition bill poses challenges to the staff of the HKSKH Wong Tai Sin District Elderly Community Centre in providing supports and services to the elderly. It was the unity of heart and mind of the service team members and their willingness to walk the extra mile that the elderly and invalid people could enjoy the meals delivered to their home on 5 August, a day when the entire city-wide transport system was disrupted by people who took to streets.

Despite the chaotic situation on the streets and teargas fired by the police to disperse the crowds, team members of the meal delivery service carried out their duties faithfully. One member who delivers meals the elderly and found that the client was not at home and ventured out again to the chaotic streets as soon as he learned that the client had returned home. Many team members insisted on maintaining the high hygienic standard of their service and stayed behind to wash dishes collected after meal delivery. They also completed their service logs before heading home. The centre was proud of the professionalism displayed by its service team members.

Streets and traffic remained chaotic when the team prepared to leave work in the afternoon. Before wrapping up their day, social workers and the managerial staff kept in contact with all members of the team until they reach home safely. Despite anxiety and fears that day, all staff members at the centre knew that God was watching over them.

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