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The Glory and Power is His

Publish Date: 29-Nov-2019

This is the last article of the Blessing Hong Kong Column. Published on the Sunday before Advent, the writer urged people to listen to one another and reconnect with God.

Hong Kong is currently trapped in a difficult and unstable period, where we all hope that we could be guided into a fairer world by leaders, by certain beliefs and certain political views through sincerity. Should things go as it was at the time of writing this column, it was expected that the district council election on 24 November would be held as scheduled. However, like all political elections, it is inevitable to see each political party slinging mud at its political opponents. And judging from the six-month unrest in Hong Kong, it would not be surprising to see more conflicts between political parties. All of them would engage in a spiral of condemnations on each other. It is easy for us to stand from a moral high ground and focus on the shortcomings of others, so as to confirm our own righteousness through other people’s problems without reflecting on our own faults. We also tend to condemn the mistakes of others but are unwilling to listen to their views.

The sacrifice of Christ the Lord reminds us that the role of the leader is not to stand above others, make enemies and carry out attacks of any kind. On the contrary, Jesus is a leader who serves. He sacrificed everything for the people as a servant to allow others to discover God. Through his mediation, he reconciles God and humankind. And this is the reconciliation that the relationships between humans could be healed. In following Jesus’ way of service, we might attract taunts and ridicules, and some might even have to sacrifice their lives in silence, but the glory and power is His.

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