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Ming Hua Theological College Alumni Association Guangzhou pilgrimage

Publish Date: 31-Dec-2019

Matteo Ricci, an Italian Jesuit, was sent to China in 1582, during the Ming dynasty. He was allowed to stay and evangelize Christianity in Zhaoqing, a city in the Guangdong province, which resulted in Catholicism establishing a firm footing in China.

In 1864, the Church of England founded the Shamian Christian Church in the British settlement in Shamian, Guangdong, for ex-pats to practice their religion. In 1903, the Rt Revd Gerald Lander, Bishop of Diocese of Victoria, sent the Revd Mok Shau Tsang to found the Church of Our Savior in Guangzhou.

Ming Hua Theological College Alumni Association organized a three-day pilgrimage on 8–10 November to Zhaoqing and Guangzhou. It aimed to help the pilgrims sanctify themselves to seek God through the exploring of their lives and retracing the footsteps of Matteo Ricci in Zhaoqing and the missions of Anglican forebears in Guangzhou.

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