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Welfare Council “Act of Love” appeals to public for donation of surgical masks and disinfectants

Publish Date: 18-Feb-2020

The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused shortages of surgical masks and disinfectants in Hong Kong. Many people queue up at supermarkets and pharmacies overnight in hopes of buying these products. However, due to the spike in prices, the poor are unable to gain access to such personal protection products, thus rendering them to become the most vulnerable people to the epidemic. In response to this situation, the HKSKH Welfare Council “Act of Love” launched a campaign, with Archbishop Paul Kwong’s support, to collect masks and disinfectants from the community and distribute them to those in need.

A few days after “Act of Love” sent out its appeal, over ten thousand masks were collected. Donations came from all segments of society and some came from corporations, such as Sun Hung Kai Properties and the China State Construction International Volunteer Group. All donations, irrespective of their amount, are the manifestation of donors’ love and generosity.

As soon as each donation was collected, “Act of Love” immediately distributed the articles to social service units under the Welfare Council for further distribution to the elderly and those who are vulnerable as soon as possible.

As the epidemic is raging on, the elderly and those who are vulnerable are still in need of personal protective supplies. “Act of Love” continues to appeal to people to donate spare masks and disinfectants, such as antibacterial wipes, hand sanitisers, and antiseptic alcohol.

For more details and to make donations, please call Ms Poline Chan, the social worker responsible for the project, or Ms Vanus Nip, “Act of Love” project officer by phone: 8209 8122, or WhatsApp: 5304 0296.

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