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“COVID-19 victim attended Joint Ecumenical Service” says HK Christian Council

Publish Date: 18-Feb-2020

The Hong Kong Christian Council issued an urgent announcement on 11 February, informing the public that a preacher from the Jubilant Grace Methodist Church was confirmed having contracted the COVID-19 virus on 10 February. The preacher attended the Joint Ecumenical Communion Service for educators, clerics and church staff on 23 January. The Hong Kong Christian Council urges all attendees of the event to seek medical attention if they show symptoms of coronavirus infection.

About three hundred people attended the service, including bishops, forty clerics from Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui and two editors from Echo.

The Methodist Church said that the infected preacher was in a stable condition on 11 February and that the Jubilant Grace Church would remain closed until 19 February for disinfection and thorough cleaning.

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