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Wu King Rehabilitation Services updated to meet the need of ageing clients

Publish Date: 03-Mar-2020

Residential care homes for people with disabilities face challenges posed by the ageing population. These residential homes look for ways to meet the physical, mental and spiritual needs of their ageing clients. Wu King Integrated Rehabilitation Services – Day Activity Centre and Hostel completed its refurbishment in September 2019 to cater to these new needs of its clients. Mr Wong Tze-tat, manager of the centre, said “This is a gift from the organization and the management to the clients and the staff. Everyone is so happy with the refurbishment project and many cannot believe that it is the same building.”

Mr Wong has been working in the centre for almost twenty years and understands that the equipment needs to be upgraded so as to meet the changed needs of the clients. He pointed out that to cater to the needs of the physically and mentally handicapped clients the main additions to the centre are barrier-free facilities, such as toilets, corridors and visual fire alarm systems.


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