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Principal’s advice to students during school suspension

Publish Date: 12-Mar-2020

Schools in Hong Kong will remain to be closed until the end of the Easter Holidays. Further extension of the shutdown is subjected to the future developments of the epidemic. Mr Tai Tak-ching, principal of Li Fook Hing Secondary School, contributed an article to the Echo offering some advice to students and teachers.

Mr Tai suggested that students could explore different areas of interest during the suspension of classes. Students who like sports could pick up a book, while the quieter ones could follow the instructions of physical exercise videos on the net and train their bodies. He also encourages students to engage in daily tasks like housework and simple household maintenance. These tasks allow them to learn to care for themselves and better appreciate the efforts of their family members who used to bear the burden of doing such works.

The most difficult lesson to learn for the students, however, he said, is learning self-discipline without the supervision of the teachers and the encouragement of their schoolmates during school suspension. He advises students to devise a daily schedule for themselves and reserve time to study and engage in interests so that they fill their days with some purpose.

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