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Providence Garden Rehabilitation Home gets a makeover

Publish Date: 24-Mar-2020

To live comfortably in rehabilitation homes, patients need not only care from the staff but also a lively and colourful environment. The staff of the Providence Garden for Rehab, which operates under HKSKH Welfare Council, used their creativity to redesign a spot in the centre into a “vitality plaza” to enhance the residents’ quality of life and their sense of belonging.

Vitality Plaza is located at an open space on the first floor of Providence Garden. The spot was originally used to display arts and clay works created by residents. Since the centre was planning to use the spot in a new capacity, the staff decided to give the place a makeover.

The Providence Garden’s Service Director, Ms Yuen Yuk-chen, said “Staff noticed that our residents enjoyed gathering or relaxing at the park nearby. So we decided to makeover the open space into a “vitality plaza”, because a colourful and open environment would benefit our residents. We put in a lot of efforts and thoughts into the redesigns.”

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