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SKH Kei Oi Primary School helps student families during pandemic

Publish Date: 19-May-2020

When SKH Kei Oi Primary School suspended classes in February because of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers of the school learned that many students and their families could not get face masks and other personal protection supplies. Kei Oi decided to distribute its stock of face masks to the needy families. The school also appealed to the better-prepared families to share the protective items with their neighbours. In addition, many donors donated face masks to the school. The combined efforts of the school, students and their parents, and donors gave the school enough supplies so that all students and their families could protect themselves.

As the COVID-19 pandemic raged on, the local economy took a blow. Many companies had to suspend businesses and some folded. Many students’ families were under financial stress because they were furloughed, unemployed, or had to stay home to take care of their children because of class suspension. Further to two distributions of surgical masks and personal protection products to students and their families, Kei Oi Primary School’s principal Mr Chan Ka Man appealed to teachers to raise funds and collect supermarket and bakery gift cards to assist needy students and their families.

As at 23 April, the school raised HK$599,723.50, and received HK$175,000 worth of supermarket gift cards and two hundred student families were benefited from the fundraising drive.

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