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Social service units provide emergency services to support the community

Publish Date: 04-Aug-2020

In response to the recent spike in the number of COVID-19 infections, the Hong Kong SAR Government announced further prevention measures on 27 July. Wearing masks in all public places has become mandatory and public gatherings have been limited from four people to two people. The banning of dine-in at restaurants was rescinded by the government on 30 July and was replaced by allowing dine-in services between 5 am and 5:59 pm subject to the condition that the number of customers at any restaurant at any one time must not exceed 50% of the normal seating capacity of the premises.

Following the introduction of the restricted dine-in hours, many homeless people, who usually seek shelter nightly at McDonalds and other 24-hour eateries, had to spend the nights on the streets.

St James’ Settlement Integrated Services for Street Sleepers sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of Kai Tak and Kingspark Hong Kong provided emergency shelter at hostels for the homeless for a maximum of fourteen days during the pandemic.

St James’ Settlement appeals to citizens to contact them at 2975 8777 if they find homeless people in need of help in the Hong Kong Island and the Island districts. Apart from keeping an eye out for people in need of sheltering, citizens could also donate to the cause of the service.

To prevent cross-infection within the premises of the hostels, St James Settlement said that all applicants will undergo a COVID-19 rapid test free-of-charge prior to moving in, and those who are in need will also receive free daily necessities and three meals per day during their stay at the hostels.

Hong Kong recorded over 3100 COVID-19 cases by 30 July.


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