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Archbishop Kwong called on parishioners to take part in Universal Community Testing

Publish Date: 09-Sep-2020

The Government of Hong Kong launched the Universal Community Testing Programme on 1 September to gauge the spread of COVID-19 among communities, identify asymptomatic patients, and to cut off the chain of transmission.

Participation to the programme was voluntary. Aside from people who were not suitable for testing, all Hong Kong residents without symptoms were eligible to receive a one-off test for free.

Since COVID-19 is still a global pandemic and the situation is still critical and uncertain, medical professionals are worried that the fourth wave of the pandemic might take place in the winter.

Archbishop Paul Kwong told Echo that he had already heeded the government’s call and took part in the programme. He said that the whole process was simple and efficient. When the centre staff took nasal and throat swabs, he experienced no discomfort. He also said the centre was spacious and well managed. Archbishop Kwong praised the professional medical staff at the centre.

Aside from clerics, Archbishop Kwong also asked parishioners to take part in the programme to fight the pandemic together.

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