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St James’ Settlement provides end-of-life services for the terminally ill at home

Publish Date: 09-Sep-2020

St James’ Settlement’s Jockey Club End of Life Community Care Project held a briefing on its services on 27 August. Most terminally ill patients died at hospital in Hong Kong but these patients might prefer to spend their last days somewhere else. During the pandemic, hospitals and nursing homes closed their doors to visits and so people were not allowed to accompany their loved ones even when they were terminally ill or on their deathbeds. Under these circumstances, will receiving end-of-life services from home be an option?

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust approved a HKD 255 million grant for a six-year project, the “Jockey Club End of Life Community Care Project”, and St James’ Settlement is a partner of the project. The St James’ Settlement’s Cheering@Home End of Life Community Care Project provides treatment, palliative care, end-of life care, and after-death counseling services to the end-of-life patients, who are aged sixty and over, and their family members.

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