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Parishes, schools and social service units work together to promote life education

Publish Date: 22-Sep-2020

To realize their vision of promoting life education, HKSKH Welfare Council and the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon launched the “Kai Tak Life Enrichment Journey” to meet the needs of children. The programme offers activities such as “storytelling moms”, life education classes, and group exchanges. The purpose of the project is to discover and nurture the capabilities of children and open their eyes to the beauty of life.

The project also trained young parishioners and parents as volunteers. The young parishioners went to Taiwan to learn to teach life education through picture books and through taking part in experiential activities, such as music, dance, and creative drama. Upon their return, they put what they learned into practice and ran day camps for primary school children to help them to experience the beauty of life.

“Storytelling moms” was a volunteer training program for parents. Upon finishing their training, they visit schools to teach life education through picture books to help students know about themselves and others. During preparation and teaching, the volunteers will learn from the picture books that life education could not be learned through exercises and training but experiencing and reflection if insight is to be gained about how to accompany children and how to make them feel loved.

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