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Macau Social Services Coordination Office pushes for smart health management

Publish Date: 22-Sep-2020

HKSKH Macau Social Services Coordination Office conducted a study on long distance health management and chronic diseases from May to August. The study found that there was an urgent demand in Macau for a public health strategy and smart health management policy. The study recommended students and teenagers to look after their physical health, and monitor their sleeping habits and their states of mental health.

Macau Social Services Coordination Office and City University of Macau Global Health Surveillance Centre held a meeting at the university on 21 August to announce the findings of the study.

The study found that 36.2% of participants in the study suffered from high blood pressure and that the percentage breakdown was: 5.3% were 29 years old and under, 37.7% were 30 to 64 years old, and 57% were 65 years old and older. The findings also found that important health issues for all age groups were alcohol and salt consumption, as well as physical exercises.

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