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Early Education Council holds annual meeting

Publish Date: 09-Dec-2020

The Anglican (Hong Kong) Early Childhood Education Council held its annual meeting and inauguration ceremony of the 9th Executive Committee at St John’s Cathedral in November. Archbishop Paul Kwong was invited to preside over the ceremony and The Rt Revd Matthias Der led the congregation in Gospel contemplation to rejuvenate them a mission.

Bishop Der said that everyone was facing huge challenges in the past year. Teachers had to learn how to film their lessons, edit them and upload them for students. When they were teaching classes through Zoom, they have to maintain classroom discipline through the net. School principals also had to implement pandemic prevention measures and respond to unexpected situations outside their usual administration duties. Bishop Der hoped that the congregation could use these historical challenges and opportunities to be aware of the blessings and courage bestowed by God.

He said, “Our hearts depend upon the hope and peace of the Lord, otherwise, no matter how masterful our filming and film editing techniques are, our students will still feel the fear within.”

Bishop Der pointed toward a stained glass window at the North Wing of the Cathedral depicting Jesus calming the seas and said that although the congregants might have to face many turbulences and unexpected situations Jesus is always by their side. They should put their faith in him to gain strength and maintain their inner peace.

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