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Archbishop Andrew Chan starts new online bible reading programme from Lent

Publish Date: 02-Feb-2021

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui will begin a public bible reading online programme, "The Daily Word", from Lent on the provincial website and Youtube. The programme is scheduled for broadcasting in the early morning every day for a year. It includes scriptural reading and pastoral sharing accompanied by meditative paintings and contemplative music. Audiences can enjoy six to seven minutes of silence from Monday to Saturday, in addition to Sunday, to encounter God, and receive spiritual nourishment through the Word of God to give them the strength to meet the challenges of daily life.‎

The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused ‎‎barriers to interaction between people,‎‎ and inconvenience in people’s daily life. Face-to-face gatherings are restricted, and Sunday services in person are suspended. However, Archbishop Andrew Chan said that nothing can separate people from God's love. During the pandemic, churches have developed online fellowship and training programmes. He believed that with the Word of God, the Church can be connected with the faithful in spirit to face the current challenges together because of the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Word.

"The Daily Word" is initiated by Archbishop Chan and coordinated by the Steering Committee of the HKSKH Church Policy Paper. Archbishop Chan pointed out that because the season of Lent is the time of penitence reminding people that they should be familiar with God's Word. Although Jesus was tempted three times by the devil in the 40 days‎‎ of fasting in the ‎wilderness, he defeated the devil with God's Word. Archbishop Chan hoped parishioners could cultivate intimate closeness to the Word of God so that in this crisis-ridden age, they would be able to resist assaults by the devil with the sword of the Holy Word. ‎

Archbishop Chan said that all clergy in the province will take turns to conduct "The Daily Word" throughout the year, and he will lead the first episode on Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent, and he is looking forward to partaking in spiritual sharing online.

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