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Hong Kong Christian Council prays for Vanuatu on World Day of Prayer

Publish Date: 18-Mar-2021

Hong Kong Christian Council held a service on 6 March to mark the World Day of Prayer. The theme of this year was “Build on a Strong Foundation”. The World Prayer Day Writing Committee of Vanuatu prepared the liturgy while the Revd Leung Siu-chun preached at the service in Hong Kong.

In her sermon, the Revd Leung said that Jesus always reminded his followers that they have to choose carefully, seriously and especially to be aware of the temptations and tests whilst making the choice. Those who test us often tempt us to leave God when we are at our most needy and at our weakest. It is also the moment that we are most likely to decide without discernment. Today, many followers of Christ lead a life without kindness, morality and justice. Their lives are so disintegrated because they are built on sand, therefore when the environment changes or when a shock hits, they lose their way and are carried away by the tides.

The Revd Leung stressed that only by building their lives on a strong foundation can people withstand the storms, just like Vanuatu’s motto “In God, We Stand” inscribed on the country’s coat of arms. Every generation of people in Vanuatu remembers this motto and stand with God as they face the unknown future and changing fortunes. This is how and why the people in Vanuatu can remain positive in the face of misfortunes and outside changes.

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