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Macau Social Service Co-ordination Office conducts survey on seniors

Publish Date: 23-Mar-2021

SKH Macau Social Service Co-ordination Office surveyed 391 elderly residents aged 60 and above on their financial and health concerns. The scope of the survey covered the current living conditions of the elderly and their needs focusing on four areas: income security, health, ability, and elderly-friendly environment. The purpose of the survey was to compile an elder quality of life index from the survey findings.

Results of the survey were announced on 9 March. Macau Social Service Co-ordination Office hopes that different sectors of the society would make use of the data collected by this comprehensive and systematic survey in responding to the trend of the ageing population in Macao and its corresponding demands.

The data showed that many elderly were worried about their unpreparedness for medical and emergency situation. They were also concerned about their inability to afford future medical expenses. When assessed by the Five-item Frail Scale, 34.5% of the surveyed were categorized as “physically frail”, 69.9% suffered from illness and required medication, and 39.1% suffered from emotional problems due to physical health conditions. Macau Social Service Co-ordination Office also used the Kessler Screening Scale for Psychological Distress (K6 Scale) to assess the mental conditions of the surveyed and found out that 6.9% of them need to take care of their emotional health.

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