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Young Christians understand oneself and wider world at summer camp

Publish Date: 17-Sep-2018

Ninety secondary and tertiary students attended a summer camp organized by the Youth Working Group of the Diocese of Western Kowloon between 25 and 27 July. At Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp in Sai Kung, they formed connections with one another, explored faith, and searched for their identity as well as their mission in different contexts.

Themed “Be Idealistic,” the camp borrowed the concept of point, line, and plane to help participants understand their relationship with their own selves and with other people. Every person was seen as a “point”. Through games and sharing sessions, the participants learned to accept their inner selves and forged interpersonal relationships with others, forming “lines”. Lastly, the participants would look at the wider and more complex world and would discover the many “lines” in it. Some of these lines could connect and weave into “planes”. People joined together in “planes” live more abundant lives and have wider horizons. Therefore, in addition to their own growth and their relations with specific groups, people should observe the beliefs of their community and aspire to realize a broader vision.

When applying this “point, line, and plane” metaphor to the Church, every Christian is a “point”. They form “lines” when they heed God’s call to build churches, and when all the churches work together and pray to bring heaven on earth, they create a beautiful “plane”.

The Western Kowloon diocese hopes that all young Christians could learn to set aside their own egos and devote themselves to the Church’s ministries. Through learning about the different parishes and spotting the unique traits of one’s own parish, they could lead others in finding a common ground among different communities.
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