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Bishop Kwok shares his vision with his flock

Publish Date: 20-Sep-2018

Fifty brothers and sisters from the Eastern Kowloon diocese gathered with their bishop at the diocesan office on 25 August, to discuss the past, the present and the future of the diocese.

Bishop Timothy Kwok recognizes that the Diocese of Eastern Kowloon does not have enough priests to see to the needs of the faithful. He hopes to equip and encourage parishioners who have already perceived the needs of their diocese and are willing to answer God’s calling, to take up the burden with the priests and take part in their ministries. Bishop Kwok told the participants that loyalty, willingness to sacrifice their time and effort, and the humility to learn would be essential qualities for lay leaders.

Bishop Kwok also talked about his diocese’s developing fellowships for professionals at a diocesan level, such as the fellowship of doctors and the fellowship of lawyers. The aim is to encourage these professionals to put their faith into practice at work on the one hand, and to make their professional knowledge available for the service of the churches, schools and social service units on the other.
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