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Western Kowloon’s diocesan synod adopts three motions

Publish Date: 14-Nov-2018

All of the three motions put to the eleventh synod of the Diocese of Western Kowloon have been passed. Held 4–5 November at All Saints’ Cathedral, the synod discussed the two motions involving changes to the structure of the diocese and the other related to contributions to the diocese made by parishes and mission churches.

The Standing Committee moved the first motion to add article 10.4 to the constitution. The article stipulates that when the General Synod makes amendments to the province’s constitution, canons, or standing orders that require the diocese to revise its constitution, canons, or standing order, the diocese’s standing committee shall make those revisions and report these changes to the diocesan synod and all parishes and mission churches in the diocese as soon as practicable.

The Diocesan Finance Committee moved the second motion to make amendments to paragraph 2.1.6 of Canon 5, so that the number of members elected by the diocesan synod to the Finance Committee would be increased from five to seven.

Moved by St Peter’s Church, Castle Peak, the third motion urged the Standing Committee to establish a working group “to conduct a complete review of the current financial arrangement of the diocese, that is, requiring parishes and mission churches to share in the diocesan annual budgeted expenditure in each subsequent year according to the number of registered members of the parishes and mission churches of that year; and submit a written report and recommendation thereon.”
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