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All Saints’ Cathedral opens anniversary celebration with art exhibition

Publish Date: 20-Nov-2018

All Saints’ Cathedral celebrated her 127th anniversary with an art exhibition between 26 October and 4 November. All exhibits were artworks by Dr Susan Wong, a contemplative spiritual director. On the first night of her exhibition, Dr Wong gave a talk about the relationship between art and spirituality and shared with the attendees her experience of praying through art creation.

Dr Wong stressed that art and music were sacred gifts God bestowed upon humans, and therefore were related to our spiritual growth. God Himself was the greatest of artists and musicians; when humans attempted to enter a transcendental plane to receive the gift of God with faith and a willingness to understand, to accept, to guide, to heal, to be inspired, and to link their body, mind, and spirit with the waters of life, they would be able to achieve fruits of brilliance and benevolence.
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