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Educators learn to build inclusive culture at schools

Publish Date: 03-Dec-2018

Two hundred school principals and teachers gathered at Kei Wing Primary School in Mong Kok on 3 November to attend an event titled “Walking Together in Acceptance and Care”, which was part of the Life, Spiritual, and Values Education Programme (2018–19), organized by the Anglican (HK) Primary Schools Council Limited and its affiliated school counsellors.

The event began with a candlelight ceremony, followed by a keynote seminar for educators on building an inclusive culture at schools, delivered by Dr Peter Wong, honorary advisor of International Alliance for Invitational Education (Hong Kong).

In his seminar, Dr Wong said that the passion to persevere and keep trying was a requirement for educators and counsellers; without passion, they would not be able to continue their work. However, to truly help a student develop, passion alone was insufficient. Educators needed to find the correct methodology. The work of a school counsellor was to provide children with many correct methods for them to tap into their own potentials to attain positive development.

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