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New ministry of St John's Cathedral to support youth

Publish Date: 20-Dec-2018

St John's Cathedral HIV Education Centre held a charity concert on 20 November to celebrate its new beginning as St John’s Cathedral Life Enrichment Centre.

Founded upon the Christian spirit, the Life Enrichment Centre dedicates itself to providing community and youth services. It provides diverse life education to help young people grow physically, mentally, and spiritually at different stages of their lives. It also seeks to promote life-affirming values among young people and help them discover their worth and potential, and at the same time, cultivate in them a caring attitude towards others and feel at peace with the love from the Lord.

Julianne Doe, the new chairperson of the centre, said that St John’s Cathedral had endorsed the centre as one of its outreach ministries. The centre would focus on supporting young people and fulfilling their needs during their development and would build new services based on the firm foundation of the HIV Education Centre to realize its new visions. In partnership with the new centre, HKSKH Welfare Council would provide comprehensive supervision and support for all projects of the centre.

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