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Elderly centre shows community spirit during power failure

Publish Date: 22-Feb-2019

Hei Wo House in Tai Wo Estate suffered a five-day power failure due to the fire at its electric meter room on 14 January. In addition to the power cut, the supply of fresh and salt water was also halted. Over a thousand households were affected. To lend support to the residents, HKSKH Tai Wo Neighbourhood Elderly Centre joined hands with other welfare organizations, local groups, and governmental departments in enacting emergency measures. On the other hand, residents in the building showed their generosity and care by sharing their limited resources, demonstrating neighbourhood camaraderie.

During the power cut, the staff at the Tai Wo Neighbourhood Elderly Centre collected resources and distributed food, bottled water, and lighting equipment to the residents at their doors. In the morning of 15 January, the centre and various welfare organizations and groups in the district were joined by volunteering citizens and secondary school students to visit the affected residents in each of their apartments to see to their needs. Relevant assistance was continuously provided throughout the ordeal.

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