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Archbishop Paul Kwong reflects on the greatest challenge faced by his province

Publish Date: 21-May-2019

The 17th Anglican Consultative Council meetings (ACC-17) came to a close on 5 May. Archbishop Paul Kwong said that the meeting focused mainly on how to deepen intentional discipleship. The council members passed twenty three resolutions at this meeting, covering topics such as the five marks of mission, environmental protection, climate justice, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, sustainable development goals, dialogue between different Christian denominations, safe church, youth participation in the Anglican Communion, strategic development plans of the Anglican Communion, and how provinces could contribute financially to the Anglican Communion. The council also passed a resolution on holding ACC-18 in Ghana, West Africa, in 2022; and ACC-19 in Ireland in 2025.

Foreign reporters who flew to Hong Kong especially to cover ACC-17 asked Archbishop Kwong what was the greatest challenge faced by Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, since the province is rich with resources and personnel.

Archbishop Kwong admitted that the greatest challenge of the province came from within the Church itself. “It is too comfortable and materially prosperous! This is something I have been aware of for a long time. The church is too comfortable; therefore clerics and the faithful are all in comfort zone, which is stable and protective. In the long run, this may stifle their enthusiasm for evangelical ministries.”

How to fulfil the Church’s mission in an environment of comfort and prosperity is the greatest challenge Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui is facing at the moment, Archbishop Kwong thought.

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