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Archbishop Paul Kwong reminds the Church not to forget their stewardship duties

Publish Date: 25-Jun-2019

Four motions are moved at the Eighth General Synod of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, which is held from 23 – 27 June at St James' Church. The Standing Commission on Liturgical Matters proposed amendments to the existing Calendar of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, and the Standing Commission on Constitution and Canon moved three amendments to Canon 4 regarding the election of diocesan bishops.

There is a large increase in the number of members of this General Synod. Apart from increases in the number of lay members, all clergy with licenses and served in Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui for three years and above are eligible to become members of the General Synod.

Archbishop Paul Kwong of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui stressed that issues discussed in the General Synod are family matters, and it is good in the sense that more people taking part in the discussion helps facilitate the better development of the church. He also reaffirms that all participants are part of the family, not spectators, employers nor employees.

“No matter whether they like it or not, agree with a topic or not, family matters are family matters. No matter big or small, they are all family matters!”

The aim of establishing the province is to evangelize. To fulfil the Church’s evangelical mission effectively and relevantly, all bishops, clerics and believers need to immerse themselves in Church life, he said.

Archbishop Kwong stressed that not all motions need to be passed. The most important thing is for all members to discuss them in a candid, open, peaceful and civilized manner.

“The outcome, in fact, is not the most important.” Archbishop Paul said.

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