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Archbishop Paul Kwong talks about the essential elements of Anglican Theological Education

Publish Date: 25-Jun-2019

In the leading up to Theological Education Day on 30 June, Echo continues to publish interviews conducted by postulants with bishops about their views on theological education and their experiences. This week, postulant Mr Francis Yu from the Diocese of Western Kowloon interviewed Archbishop Paul Kwong of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui.

Mr Yu asked, “What are the essential elements of Anglican theological education?”

Archbishop Kwong replied, “One of the unique aspects of our theological education is our ethos and our diverse disciplines. For example, we cover bible studies, theological courses, and now we have interdisciplinary studies. Courses on contextualization are carried out in 160 countries where students explore how the church finds its expression in different cultures. People tend to think of the Anglican Church as a homogenous church, but that is not true. Anglicanism expressed itself differently in different countries, therefore the Hong Kong Church has its own expression. Hong Kong is a place where western and eastern culture meets; therefore our expression encapsulates the meeting of these two cultures.”

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