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Thy Kingdom Come 2021: 13th-23rd May 2021

    Ever since the spiritual leader of the Anglican Worldwide Communion, Archbishop of Canterbury the Most Reverend Justin Welby initiated the global prayer movement named “Thy Kingdom Come”, millions of Christians have responded enthusiastically, mobilizing themselves with prayer and contemplation to take up global mission. So we can see in recent years, many provinces have been reaping the abundant harvest from their ministry, of which we are most grateful.

    Mission is not just ministry, technique and strategy, it has to be an attitude. To set us into the correct mind frame, prayer and scriptural contemplation is vital, one can even say it is the most significant element of nurture. Therefore, let us follow the example of the first generation of Christians, as they have done in the 10 day period between the first Ascension and Pentecost, to prepare ourselves for accepting our mission. Now we can use the prayers and scriptural readings in this booklet to equip ourselves in spiritual readiness to receive the renewal, enlightenment and encouragement of the Spirit, rendering us committed to the same mission as Christians all over the world to venture and manifest the Heavenly Kingdom.


The Most Revd Andrew Chan
Archbishop and Primate of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui


Thy Kingdom Come 2021 Handbook