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Ministry Title : Spirituality through the Liturgical Seasons
Article Title : (5) Christmas Despoiled
Publish Date : 26-Dec-2016
Author : The Steering Committee of the HKSKH Church Policy

While Christmas may be the Christian festival that most people in the world celebrate, it is also the most thoroughly despoiled one. The glitzy and dazzling lighting and holiday consumption atmosphere has blurred the protagonist of this festival. If the Holy Infant is our Heavenly Father's gift to the world, the wrapping is indeed too fancy and distracts people from the true meaning of Christmas.

The incarnation of Christ is the reason for this festival. God's greatest gift to mankind is the incarnated Holy Infant Christ. God not only created the world, but also present in the world and be with us, bringing love and salvation to us. His love, understanding, tolerance, forgiveness and mercies to us are more substantial. 

Saint Athanasius of Alexandria wrote, ‘God became man so that man might become a god.’ This statement is not phoney. Jesus Christ, God incarnate, affirms goodness of humanity and invites us to resurrect the hidden image of God inside the human nature. As we celebrate in the twelve days of Christmastide, may we focus on the protagonist, pray for light of the Holy Infant Jesus shine on us to expel our inner darkness and guide us find back the road to holiness.

  1. Review lyrics of familiarized Christmas carols for new discoveries.
  2. During the twelve days of Christmastide, let Jesus Christ be center of our life.
  3. God presents Himself as gift and lets the world share love and peace. How shall we present ourselves in our situations and share goodness of the Lord with others?