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St Matthias’ Church celebrates its 80th anniversary

Publish Date: 10-Jul-2019

St Matthias’ Church celebrated its eightieth anniversary on 29 June. Some six hundred people, including many clerics and representatives of other churches, joined the Thanksgiving Eucharist to express gratitude to the Lord.

The service was officiated by Archbishop Paul Kwong, who had been priest-in-charge of the parish, and Bishop Andrew Chan of Western Kowloon preached the sermon.

Bishop Chan acknowledged that in today’s radicalized society, believers were often misunderstood, criticized or rejected when they spread the good news and reconciliation of Christ. The world wanted believers to take sides, but God only needed them to stand on His side, and that was to stand in the midst of all people regardless of their races, parties, and origins. God’s might allows people to fulfill His mission under any circumstances and spread His good news. Peter and Matthias each had his own traits, but they were both willing to walk with God for a common goal and had become pillars of the Church. By the same token, members of the Church were bestowed different gifts, and had different experiences, personalities, backgrounds, and perspectives. As long as all members centred on Christ and Christ’s Church, they would be able to cooperate and build up the Church.

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